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   YOUR SATISFACTION IS 100% Guaranteed with Paula Fleck Photography!


Have you been dreaming of a beautiful portrait? Well, Taking timeless pictures

are my passion! I love finding those moments behind my camera lens. Im told that I have an eye for those simple yet sparkling scenes. It would be my pleasure to create breath-taking works of art that you and your loved ones will always cherish and proudly display.  


 Each Portrait Session is $175 for up to 2 hours. Deposit required at the time of booking. Your Average Investment for your stunning Portrait Prints through the Paula Fleck Photography lab start around $75 should you choose to purchase them through us. We offer a wide variety of ways to display your Beautiful Images! From wallet sized prints to Bold 40x60 canvases, we are well versed in taking care of all of your printing needs:)  (samples available!)


Digital Image Files from your portrait session may be purchased as well.


High resolution professionally hand edited images from your Portrait Session on

CD's or Flashdrives are $200.      



 Give  me (Paula) a call/text or email & we will get you on your way to a "dream come true" portrait.     (210) 241-7912  paulafleckphotography@gmail.com


*Firstly, in order for me to meet your needs as your photographer, you and I will discuss your goals for this photo session. Will I be capturing a Wedding? Family Portraits? Senior Pictures? etc....

 *From here, we can talk about wardrobe recommendations and 


   portrait location ideas.


 * Thinking about props and/or makeup? No problem, I can guide you.

* The day of your session, you can have as many wardrobe changes as you like!


* & we can go anywhere-within reason. Hey, ...it's your Choice! You can have


  multiple locations for your shoot if you like.             

 There you have it. All that's left is for you to contact me (210) 241-7912

 and get your Session Scheduled. Together, you and I will begin this journey toward making your           Portrait dreams a reality.


Paula Fleck Photography©2017 offers a wide variety of Portrait Sessions not limited to the below:



                     Portrait Styles                   



Engagement Portraits 

OMStarsYoure Engaged! How Wonderful! Now is the time to show your excitement &

announce your commitment  by sharing this experience with your family and friendsThe

Engagement Portrait Package includes a session with unlimited wardrobe changes 

at the *locations of your choice*. The sky is the limit! I Promise to take a variety of personal 

and completely custom photographs of the husband- and wife-to-be during this session


Bridal Portraits
For years to come, you will look back at these pictures of you in your dress. Your husband will agree
that there's nothing more Beautiful than his blushing, glimmering bride in her gown. The images before you
show a girl with eyes sparkling and with each portrait you remember the excitement, the emotion, the 
everlasting joy that you felt when first you put on that dress.....your dress. Good Heavens! I love my job! I am 
so excited and feel very blessed to be part of helping to take your Bridal Portraits for you.  I cant wait to see you
shine and collect every twinkle, shimmer and smile!

Your Wedding Day with Paula Fleck Photography©:  

Wedding Package $2500* 

This fee includes: (Engagement, Bridal Portraits & Wedding Day Coverage)

      * Consultation with Paula Fleck to determine your goals and to set your dreams in motion

      * The Engagement Portrait Session  (2-4hrs)

      * The Bridal Portrait Session  (2-4hrs)

      * Your Wedding Day with Paula Fleck Photography  (4-8hrs)

      * 11x14 Portrait of your choice- Mounted

      * Digital Image Files from the Wedding Day


Looking to capture that special moment when you say, “I do”?  Then consider The

Wedding Portrait Package which also includes your Engagement & Bridal Portrait Sessions,

(see Engagement Portrait Package details above)

This session includes portraits of the bride, groom, wedding party and

family on the day of the Event. We’ll shoot before, during and after the ceremony. 

We’ll also be there for your reception and capture everything from the first toast 

to the Bride & Groom making their escape.

Weddings are a timeless event, 

and I will make sure to provide you with a variety of portraits

that you & your loved ones will cherish for generations to come!


 To Request a "Your Wedding Day with Paula Fleck Photography" brochure, or to schedule

 an appointment for Consultation or Portraits*,  Please contact Paula Fleck at:

                    (210) 241-7912 or PaulaFleckPhotography@gmail.com

                      *$500 non refundable deposit required at time of booking. 


BabyToBe Portraits             

There's no better way to announce the upcoming birth of your baby than with a

Baby-To-Be Portrait Package!  Call me to set up your session at the *location of your choice*.

This session includes shots of the mother- and father-to-be as well as any siblings.

The Baby-To-BPortrait Package includes various poses emphasizing the "baby bump"

and capturing the glow of this exciting season in your lives! 



What a wonderful time in your daughters life to capture her beauty, her personality and

the memories she will make during this exciting milestone in her life. Your adventure begins

with a private session at the  *location of your choice* where I can  capture her in her dress

and/or a variety of her favorite outfits that reflect all that she isThese sessions are so much fun!

This package also follows you into the day of your event where I snap images from the formal

church ceremony and then I don't miss a thing at her party.  Before we embark on this

journey together, we will meet and go over every request and detail you are dreaming up

for your Sweet Girl.  This way, you can be sure that I meet every need.  Your Quinceanera 

will be documented from her private debut of the dress right down to the last goodbye kiss.

You'll have complete coverage of all events and this package includes the digital images from

them all!  Your Quinceanera Package includes:


-24x36 Canvas to display the image of your choice

-A Combining total of 10 hours of Professional Photography Services on location 

-Professional Editing of images from all 3 occasions

-Private Consultation to insure that we bring this wonderful dream to life

-Professional Hair, Wardrobe and Makeup tips and consulting



                                                                  *A $575 deposit is required at time of booking.  



Birthday/Special Celebration Pictures

Are you looking to capture or share that special celebration honoring a loved one? 

Whether you would like your pictures taken in a professional session at my hill country

property, or you wish for me to come & take them at the event hosted at the

*location of your choice*, this is your package. I love taking pictures during these 

fun-filled momentsand I look forward to working with you to accomplish all that you

can dream up for your special someone. 



I Love working with families and children! Give me the opportunity to wow you with a series

of family portraits you will cherish for generations! Time to replace those  generic, 

store-bought prints in your family room with stunning, customized portraits of your precious

family! We can meet at the *location of your choice* or here at my beautiful hill country 

property and bring your vision to life.


Graduation/Senior Portraits 

Wow, what an accomplishment! Congratulations! Call me today to schedule a professional 

session that captures this once in a lifetime event. With the Graduation/Senior Portrait Package,

I’ll photograph your graduate and provide you with a momento you’ll cherish for the rest

of your life. I will be happy to spend hours photographing the soon-to-be graduate 

at the *locations of your choice*  with unlimited wardrobe changes


Prom Pictures

Lets face it, by the time you get to the Prom your hair may be in shambles, or your dress may

have a crease or two..dont chance it! Get gussied up, grab your friends or your date & lets

meet at the *location of your choice* and capture just how awesome you look for Prom! 

Whether its just you, or a group of close friends (no groups larger than6, please)I want you 

to join the fun. This is just a great way to celebrate, and I cant think of a better way to remember

your Prom than with a stunning portrait package the captures your unique style. This session

will take place at *a location of your choiceand at a time well in advance of your Prom.


Equine Portrait Session

I have a deep passion for horses. There's not a creature more beautiful to me on God's earth. If you share

this same love, then perhaps you would like for me to capture some special moments of you with

your horse(s.) Or maybe you don't have a horse, but have always wanted pictures taken

with one? No problem! I can round up one of my "camera-happy horses" for your session & help 

you create the pictures you've been dreaming of! 



Didn't find what your looking for here? Please contact me for more information regarding your individual needs:




(210) 241-7912



Thank you for considering Paula Fleck Photography!